jour 1

11th April 2018

  • What are the investment strategies of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum

  • An international overview of Chad's Petroleum sector.
  • Chad's unique geology- identifying onshore exploration opportunities in Chad
  • What are the Policies around hydrocarbon exploration in Chad?

  • Pipeline projects: Chad- Cameroon Pipeline Project; updates and roadmap

jour 2

11th April 2018

  • Onshore Petroleum exploration: locating hydrocarbon exploration areas of interest available to strategic investment, and blocks available to Operators
  • What is the legal framework for hydrocarbon exploration in Chad as of today? How can it be improved?
  • Solar panels and technology; new opportunities for energy providers in Sub-Saharan

  • Chad's Hydro power potential: interconnection with Cameroon and future prospect.

  • What are the opportunities for Green energy Tech providers and what the incentives?

jour 3

11th April 2018

  • Assessing the importance of Mining in Chad in increasing export rates
  • Success stories around exploration projects and case studies: The development of Chad's uranium potential: the Madagzang deposit and important findings in Tibesti Mayo-Kebbi and Guera

  • Risk Management and Mineral Value Chains in Chad and Africa.

  • What does the Mining Law entail? What are the fiscal incentives for Mining companies in Chad?

  • Strategic Mine Planning with New Digital Technologies